Sunshine, Donna, Genieva and Sheryl Cruz Reunion Trends Online

There has been a lot of famous celebrities that we admire today. They were able to gain our admiration because of their impressive talents when it comes to acting, singing, or even dancing. Aside from those things that many actors and actresses today have, they also possess that admirable beauty and handsome looks. But even before they become popular in television or movies, there are these celebrities who first captured our attention and gained our admiration despite the fact that some of them already live a happy and peaceful life away from the show business industry.

Recently, Cruz women including Donna Cruz, Sheryl Cruz, Sunshine Cruz, and Geneva Cruz from the very popular showbiz clan of the Cruz family amaze a lot of netizens because of their incredible rendition of the song “Breathless”. It was indeed a very nostalgic song and a lot of people could not help but remember so many things during their youthful years. The cousins Donna, Sheryl, Sunshine, and Geneva are indeed one of the most beautiful and most gorgeous celebrities of their generation.

Donna Cruz is already 43 years old but she aged beautifully. All of her fans and supporters would definitely agree that she looks even more beautiful now. Although she already left show business and prioritizes her family the public is still hoping that maybe she can still do some projects in television and in movies The 46-year-old Sheryl Cruz is still active when it comes to making television series. She was actually admired by many because of her impressive performance as a villain in some of her projects. But aside from acting, she is also a great singer. Sunshine Cruz is already 43-years-old but her beauty and her physique seem to disagree. Aside from acting, she is also a famous singer. Geneva Cruz is a 44-year-old actress and singer. She was actually a member of the defunct music group Smokey Mountain.

With their recent video together singing , the public was really astounded with their ageless beauty and amazing singing voices. Though a few years had passed since some of them were seen in front of the camera but they are all still very gorgeous and amazing as before. We are all asking for more videos like this!

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