What Happened to Danilo Barrios After Quitting Showbiz

Where is Danilo Barrios now ? A lot of 90’s people would definitely remember Danilo Barrios, one of the most loved actor in his era. His real name is Danilo Bouffard Barrios Jr. Being a dancer  had given him a lot of chances and opportunities to pursue his acting career. He starred in some television shows and movies like “G-Mik” in 1999, “Spirit Warriors”, “Yamashita: The Tiger’s Treasure”, “Lastikman”, “Magnifico”, and the well-acclaimed “Dekada ’70” movie top-billed by the veteran actors Star for All Seasons Vilma Santos, Christopher de Leon, and Piolo Pascual.

Unfortunately, just like any other celebrities, it was in 2011 when he decided to leave show business. After almost nine years, he is now a family man and a successful entrepreneur. Although he is not active in the show business industry today, a lot of his fans and supporters would often see his whereabouts on his social media accounts. It was just recently when a photo of him and his fellow matinee idol Dingdong Dantes circulated online

Danilo may away from the limelight but he always made sure that he will remain good friends with the people he was able to work with before.

But instead of looking at the negative side of things, we can always look on the brighter side of everything. Even though there are a lot of great actors and actresses who are not already active in the show business industry, and even though we really missed seeing and watching them perform, we can just be happy that they our  beloved celebrities are happy with their chosen career paths.
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