Actor Completes Training, Now A Certified Firefighter

Many Filipino people believe that one of the main reasons for someone to be successful is to finish his or her studies and find a decent job with a good salary. But there are also some people who believe that having a great determination , and luck can make a big difference when it comes to being successful.

There are actually a lot of people who didn’t have the chance to finish their studies but were able to have all the material things . It is only because they work hard for it and have done their very best to become the successful person they are now. Just like some Filipino celebrities who are known to be famous actors and performers who are admired because of their impressive acting skills, gorgeous body, and handsome looks.

Recently, a viral photo of this hunk actor who fell into tears after he finished his training in becoming a firefighter trend online. The handsome actor is no other than Wendell Ramos. He had undergone a firefighter’s training and is now a certified “Ang Bumbero ng Pilipinas (ABP) firefighter. He shared on his social media account how he felt as he finally achieved his goal.

According to his post, it has been a great honor for him to be trained as an ABP firefighter. But he still remains humble as he mentioned that he still needs to learn more and experience a lot more. He described it as a humbling experience and he also mentioned that he salutes all the Filipino firefighters. He shared in one of his posts that you can definitely get what you worked for and not what you wished for.

He also has a photo wearing a white shirt with a big firetruck as his background. He really seems amazed and happy with what he is doing as can be seen on the photos that he had shared on his social media account. True enough that if you really wanted the things that you are doing, the genuine happiness can really reflect through your eyes.

Just like Wendell Ramos who proves everyone that you can still continue the things that you really loved the most despite all the success that you had already achieved in life. Who would have thought that he would also love to become a firefighter someday despite the fact that he had already experienced such fame and success?
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