Bahay Na Hindi Takaw TIngin Sa Mga Magnanakaw

Trending ngayon sa social media ang bahay na ito. Sa unang tingin ay di kaaya aya ang kanyang itsura nito pero kapag nakita mo ang loob ay talagang mapapahanga ka.

Many of us wanted to own and build our dream house someday. It is one of the greatest achievements we can have as an individual. Aside from being an achievement, it is also a great investment as the price of the land and even the whole house tend to increase every year. In order for us to build our own dream home, we needed to save a lot and to be practical with so many things especially when we are not born with a silver spoon in our mouth.

Some of us wanted to have huge and spacious houses while there are some people who just wanted to have a simple and comfortable home. But aside from the convenience and comfort in our home we also wanted to feel secure at all times. Maybe that is the reason why this client requested a low-key house from his or her architect.

Recently, photos of this incredible house made rounds on different social media platforms. It was actually shared by the Facebook page “Arch Capitol-Architectural Design Studio”. According to the viral post, those photos were from “Archdaily”.

 The caption says that the client wanted to have a house that seems to be very simple outside so that  thieves will not have any interest to intrude or to enter their house. The architect replied that this house will definitely suit the client’s request as the house looks very simple on the outside but the interior design was really breathtaking in the inside.

Netizens could not help but share their honest opinion about the viral post. Most of them admire the creativity and the uniqueness of the house design while others could not help but laugh as they already posted the design of the house and it will never be a secret anymore. On the other hand, there are also some netizens who shared their very simple and humble abode as they share how happy and contented they are because they are living there together with their loved ones. True enough that having a comfortable home is one of the most amazing blessings we could ever have, even if it is a mansion or a simple home as long as we are happily living there with our loved ones.
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