Catriona Gray Reacts To Clint Bondad Post

Talagang naging palaisipan sa marami ang mga post ni lint Bondad sa kanyang Instagram Account. Iba't iba ang mga opinyon ng mga netizens sa mga post nya . Marami ang nagsasabi na tila meron daw hidden message sa mga post ni Clint Bondad patungkol kay Catriona  at sa bago nitong karelasyon na si Sim Milby.  Ngayon, Si Catriona naman ang nagpost sa social media.

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray finally reacts about her ex-bf Clint Bondad’s revelations online! It was never easy to move on from a relationship that you had taken care of for so many years. Just because you get tired of the relationship or maybe you just fall out of love or you just found someone new. Someone will move on but the other one will definitely experience a lot of  regrets as time passed by. Many people would definitely agree that the feeling was really hard to bear and you would never want to experience it.

Clint Bondad’s social media post became one of the most trending topics on Twitter in the past few days. On a series of  posts and some photos that he shared, a lot of netizens could not help but think that it was actually about  Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray and her current bf Sam Milby. The public was very curious to understand Clint’s hidden messages.

There has been a lot of speculations from the netizens about the truth behind Clint’s posy. But Catriona and Sam remainedis not answering the issue. A few days after Clint posted his  messages on social media, Catriona Gray finally broke her silence about the issue as she posts some lyrics from "See A Victory" by the band Elevation Worship on her Instagram stories.

The beauty queen is known to be a Christian even before she won the Miss Universe pageant. A lot of her friends and relatives would often describe her as a generous and kind person. Even  Sam, described her as the kindest person he ever knew.

Despite the fact that she had already posted something about the controversy, the public was still confused about so many things if Clint’s revelations were really for Catriona and Sam. Many people are still waiting for Clint’s social media posts and actions as he revealed that he will definitely do something in the coming days about his cryptic posts on social media.
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