Famous Agua Bendita Star Xyriel Manabat, Where Are You Now?

It was never easy to enter the Philippine show business, that is why a lot of people who really wanted to become a celebrity should be able to prove  that they are  deserving to be admired and to be supported by the public. Most of the celebrities today would definitely say that they had encountered a lot of trials and challenges as they pursue their dream of becoming an actor or an actress. But because they are determined and passionate about what they were doing, they were able to finally achieve the fame and the success that they deserve

One of the best examples is the  actress Xyriel Manabat who first caught the attention of the public as  the casts of the popular gag show “Goin’ Bulilit”. After her successful stint in the said show, she was given a lot of opportunities in movies and other television series. One of the most well known projects she has done was the “100 Days in Heaven” where she portrayed the young version of Coney Reyes’’ character, Anna Manalastas.

She also had  an amazing performance with her double role character in “Agua Bendita”. She amazed everyone with how she was able to give justice with her two different characters in the said show despite the fact that she was still very new at that time.

After several years of fame, a lot of her fans and supporters were saddened by her sudden disappearance in the show business. But little did we know that she pursued her studies, as a matter of fact, she had already graduated in highschool. She went to Golden Faith Academy during her junior years. She shared on her social media post her recent achievement .

Many netizens congratulated her for her milestone. Aside from her success, many people also noticed that she is already a grown-up lady. She looks beautiful and gorgeous. The public wished to see her back on-screen again.
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