Ivana Alawi Inalok ng Manliligaw Mag Date sa Japan Gamit Ang Private Jet

Sa isang video ni Ivana Alawi, ibinunyag nya na meron syang manliligaw na inalok sya ng isang papuntang Japan gamit ang sinasabi nyang private jet. Ang sagot ni Ivana ay talagang hingaan ng maraming netizens.

Ivana Alawi is indeed one of the most admired social media personalities today. She easily captured the hearts of many Filipino people because of her stunning beauty, gorgeous physique, and her adorable personality. She is just new when it comes to vlogging but she already gained millions of followers and supporters. Filipino men love her dearly while women are inspired by her simplicity and genuine personality.

Recently, actress and YouTuber Ivana revealed that she actually had received an offer from a stranger after she posted about her Japanese food cravings online. According to her, the man had sent him a lot of messages before and he was also trying to court her. The man even offered her that he will fetch her through a private jet and they will go to Japan just to eat some Japanese foods.

Ito lang masasabi ko: Hindi porke't may pera ka, makukuha mo lahat ng gusto mo. Sometimes you just have to be good to people, you have to be friendly. Kung gusto mo makipagkaibigan, makipagkaibigan ka," said by Ivana

"Pero hindi porket may jet ka, sa tingin mo lahat ng babae sasama sa 'yo? Hindi ako. Ibahin mo ako. You have to make ligaw to me, or you have to be friends with me. But hindi ako sasama sa 'yo dahil lang may jet ka at kaya mo akong pakainin sa Japan. Boy, meron namang mga Japanese restaurant dito."

Ivana didn’t feel grateful or surprised about the man’s move but she felt really disappointed and mad for what he has done. Ivana shared on her vlog that she never wanted to be with a stranger just because he or she can do or can give something for her. She even advised men to start courting the woman that they like through friendship and genuine connection.

Ivana also added that even though you are a rich, wealthy, or successful nan it doesn’t mean that you can already get whatever you want especially the woman you really like the most just because of your money. She also mentioned that she gets easily annoyed by him because of his arrogance. She would rather eat simple Filipino street foods like kwek-kwek or bulalo rather than accept his grand invitation.

The man asked her the reason why she keeps on rejecting him but Ivana just told him the truth, that she finds him arrogant. He also told Ivana that she was just the only woman who rejected him so far. The 23-year-old Kapamilya actress had opened to the public about her past heartbreak experience. It was also the reason why she is a lot more cautious now especially when it comes to romantic relationships or entering a new one.

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