Jeric Raval Hindi Natuwa Matapos Mahuli Ang Anak Na Nagtitiktok

Viral ngayon sa social media ang video kung saan makikita ang reaksyon ni Jeric Raval nang makita nya na nagtitiktok ang kanyang dalagang anak. Kitang kita din dito na pinagalitan nya ang kanyang magandang anak at pinatigil sa pagsayaw. Panuorin ang video

Jeric Raval is a veteran action star admired because of his good looks and admirable physique. But aside from being a talented actor, he is also one of the most caring and responsible father for her daughter AJ Raval. It was just recently when the father and daughter tandem went viral online as their video garnered an enormous number of comments and reactions from the netizens.

AJ posted one of her  videos online but as she tried to finish her dance steps, her father, Jeric went through the video doing some household chore in the sink. Her father’s reaction to her dance steps was cute and the public was surprised that Jeric would comment such towards his daughter’s dance moves.

She showcases her impressive dance move through  Akon’s song, “I Wanna Love You”. She wrote in her caption the exact words her father told her,

“Tatay Erick: Ang bantot naman ng sayaw mo nak baka makita ni idol Ben Tulfo yan baka sabihin wala kang tatay.” She really has the groove and admirable talent when it comes to dancing.

The veteran actor’s statement captured the attention and the hearts of many. He may be a star portraying a lot of cool stuff on his movie and television projects but he is actually a good and caring father . Many people would also want to have a caring and protective father just like Jeric especially for many daughters out there.

In our society today that most "anak" separate themselves from their parents, it still good news that Jeric and his daughter have a good relationship. Their relationship inspires a lot of Filipino parents.

It only goes to show that we can all be the best parents we wanted to be without being too strict and without being too harsh on them. We can always tell them about our concerns in the most appropriate way that they can understand according to their ages.
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  1. tama c tatay kaya wag maggalit pag pinagsabihanang ank..

  2. Tama lang c jeric na magalit sa kanyang anak kung ndi tama ang pagsasayaw,

  3. Tama po Kayo hnd magagalit Ang tatay Kung NASA Tama Ang ginagawa NG anak...I'm proud sayo idol