John Regala Tinulungan ng Ilang Mga Artista

Talagang marami ang nagulat sa balita tungkol kay John Regala. Malayo sa kanyang matipunong pangangatawan nuon, viral ngayon sa social media ang payat na larawan ng aktor. Nanghihina at tila ba merong karamdamang dinadaing.

It was just recently when Carlo Clariza, a food delivery driver helped the former actor John Regala who felt dizzy because it has already been several days since he properly eat. The driver sought help from the barangay officials of Pasay as he gets back to work. He also posted what happened at that time on his social media account and a lot of netizens were saddened by the news that the award-winning actor has been experiencing a lot of difficulties.

Unlike his strong image in his movie and television projects , he looks very thin and different. According to some reports, the veteran actor  needed some help because he doesn’t have enough money anymore. As his photos went viral on different social media platforms, some of his friends helped him including Nadia Montenegro, Chuck Dreyfus, and Aster Amoyo, a veteran entertainment writer.

His friends in the industry especially Nadia decided to start a fund-raising campaign to support his medical expenses and other important needs. They are encouraging other people to help John as well with any amount they can give so that the actor will be able to have his own wheelchair and medicines.

John already has kidney problems and liver cirrhosis. His wife already left him despite his difficult condition that is why he isalone. He has a biological son who is in America but he didn’t know him. He mentioned in one of his interviews that he really didn’t want to ask help from other people because he was actually the one who helps other people before.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have money anymore and he cannot support himself. That is why he is still hoping for the show business industry to accept him once again but he felt like it will never happen again.

Aside from his friends’ help, he will also receive a P100,000 pledge from Raffy Tulfo. True enough that there has been a lot of blessings given to him by the generous and helpful people around him. For now, he can somehow live more comfortably than before.

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