Lalaking Naka Tunganga Lang sa Kanyang Video , Aabot Ba ng Million Views ?

Minsan hindi talaga natin masasabi kung ano ang mag tetrending sa social media. Sinong makakapagsabi na ang video ng lalaking ito ay kakalap ng almost million views sa kanyang Youtube video. Bakit nga ba sya naging viral ? Hindi rin namin alam. Panuorin mo na lang ang kanyang video na inupload.

In our society today, the use of social media and the internet had been very popular with everyone. A lot of people usually start their day checking their social media accounts and surfing the internet. No wonder that video blogging has already been very popular not just in the Philippines but in other countries all over the world.

There are also a lot of aspiring vloggers and YouTubers you tried in this industry. Many of them are already earning the fruits of their labor while some of them are still doing their best to achieve their goals. According to some reports, there are so many ways to succeed in this craft and to gain a lot of subscribers and followers.

But one of the best ways to do that is to have your own unique content which can easily catch the attention of the viewers. But it was just recently when this comedian/vlogger went viral online for his recent video where he just did nothing for two hours! He was later known as Russell Peters who just did nothing in his 2-hour vlog literally!

He just sat in one place, stared at the camera, and wait for two hours in that position. If you thought that he will receive no views at all, you are wrong because his video actually garnered more than 800,000 views! The viral video was posted last July 10 and two weeks after that, it already gained a whooping number of views more than 800,000!

Many netizens would doubt that he achieved such a great amount of views but it was really true. As many vloggers and content creators tend to make a lot of creative and unique videos to attract more viewers, this vlogger tends to be very lucky to receive such views as he did nothing for two hours.

Some of them even buy some props and go to some other places just to make their content more interesting. Although, it was still unknown to the public about the reason why his recent vlog went viral, a lot more netizens get curious and try to watch his video as of this writing.
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