Magandang Anak Na Modelo Ni Anjo Yllana, Trending sa Social Media

"Grabe, Ang ganda nya" Ito ang mga katagang nasabi ng isang netizen matapos niyang makita ang anak na babae ng actor na si Anjo Yllana. Di na nakakapagtaka na nasabi nya ito dahil totoo naman na maganda at artistahin si Mika Yllana.Halina at kilalanin natin ang magandang anak ni Anjo Yllana.

It is not surprising to know that Anjo Yllana’s eldest daughter will grow into beautiful lady.Thats what you get if you combine a handsome dad and a gorgeous mom.

We definitely admire people who have an impressive sense of humor, no wonder that Anjo Yllana, who became popular for being a comedian has been one of our favorites. He is one of the most successful celebrities today.

But aside from all of his experiences , he is also blessed with a wonderful family. His daughter, Mikaela Yllana also known as Mika easily adored by the public because of  her admirable beauty. She is the eldest daughter of Jackie Manzano and Anjo Yllana

Despite her artistahin genes, Mika wanted to pursue and finish her studies more than entering showbusiness. That is why to be an actress wasn't on her plans. She graduated high school at Miriam College HS and is currently studying college in Ateneo De Manila University.

Aside from her busy schedule at school, Mika Yllana is also into modeling. Netizens could not help but admire her more.

Because of that she already has a lot of fans and supporters online, most of them hope that someday Mika can also consider working in the show business industry just like her parents. With her  beauty and gorgeous body, she can definitely make a mark as an actress.

True enough that Mika’s parents are very proud of her as she already knows her priorities as early as now. Not everyone is able to have their priorities at an early age. Mika is such a smart and wonderful lady
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