Magandang Kapatid Ni Doug Kramer Kinasal Sa Player Ng Ginebra

Usap usapan ngayon sa social media ang kasal ng napaka gandang kapatid na babae  ni Doug Kramer . Nangyaring ikinasal ito sa isang rookie player ng Ginebra Gin Kings na si Arvin Tolentino. Alamin ang buong detalye ng knilang kasal.

In the past months, there are a lot of couples who tend to choose the most simple  way to celebrate their weddings. Just like the beautiful Brandy Kramer who finally tied the knot with her fianc√©.  Arvin Tolentino  in the most simple way they can do. According to them, grand or luxurious celebrations are not very important for them because it is their commitment to each other which really matters.

Celebrity couple Doug and Cheska Kramer shared a heartwarming message for the newlyweds. Doug seems to be very proud of his sister. She had an intimate and beautiful wedding with the man of his life. He even added that there were no big celebrations, nor big parties and programs. He is also very confident that Arvin will take care of hisr sister forever. He even advised them to put God at the center of their relationship and to keep loving each other always.

Cheska on the other hand, greeted the couple as they finally seal the deal, and even though it was not the wedding that they really planned it to be, it was still a wonderful event as they have God as the center of their union. True enough that material things or expensive things didn’t really matter in life. Because the most important thing above all is the genuine love they have for each other and their willingness to put God at the center of their marriage.

They serve as a great inspiration to many other couples out there to focus more on the things that can’t be seen in life. These things may be hard to see but they are the most important things we can ever have: true love, loyalty, and faithfulness.
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