Mommy D Todo Hataw Sa Kanyang TIKTOK Video Kasama Ang Kanyang Apo

 Lagi talaga tayong pinapasaya ni Mommy Dionesia. Trending ngayon sa social media ang video ng nanay ni Manny Pacquiao sa kanyang video kasama ang kanyang Apo na si Mary. Panuorin dito ang cute na cute na video ni Mommy D.

The Pacquiao family has been one of the most successful families in the country today. They own a lot of successful businesses here and abroad and they also have a lot of charitable activities. They are admired not just because of their generosity and care for their fellow countrymen but they are also a great example when it comes to having strong faith in God.

Although the family had been experiencing some controversies in the past few weeks, they still remained optimistic about everything. As a matter of fact, it was just recently when Mary Pacquiao, Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao’s daughter posted a cute video of her together with her grandmother, Mommy Dionisia.

On her first video, Mary can be seen dancing through the beat of “Laxed Siren Beat” together with Mommy D. who still dances very well despite her age. After that, she also shared a photo of her two grandmothers showing off their “Cha Cha” dance moves through the beat of “Todo Todo”. Mary tried to dance with them but she mentioned in her caption that she didn’t know how to dance “Cha Cha”.

A lot of netizens were surprised at their  videos. There were also some netizens who commented that they can also relate to Mary happily dancing with her grandmothers. It was such an amazing experience for her to reunite with her grandmothers .

Filipino people are known to have close-family tie traits, unlike any other foreign nationalities. That is why most of us grew up with our grandmothers and grandfathers who would often take care of us especially when our parents need to go to work or they have some important things to do. Many Filipino  have a lot of wonderful memories together with their grandparents just like Mary Pacquiao.
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