Online Seller Tinawag na Cheap Ng Kaniyang Kaibigang

Usap usapan ngayon sa social media ang Screen shot ng isang online seller. Nasa SS nito ay ang convo nila ng kanyang kaibigan na tinawag syang cheap dahil nag popost sya ng kanyang mga tinda online. Basahin dito ang buong detalye.

Because of the recent situation that many people all over the world is currently facing, a lot of Filipino people do not have any other choices but to adapt to the current situation. There are a lot of workers who were left without job. Several families are doing their best to provide foods on their tables.

It was a good thing that Filipinos would always seek for opportunities despite all the difficulties . No wonder that several people tend to sell  online .

But recently, there was this online seller who shared her experience from a friend who called her “cheap” because of her online job. Her name is Joy Anne, she shared how disappointed she was with her friend on her social media post. She uploaded the “screenshots” of their conversation. According to her friend she was already tired of seeing Joy Anne’s post with all of her online products.

Joy Anne was offended by her friend’s words as she insulted her for not getting a decent job and being contented with her online job. She even mentioned that Joy Anne can have a stable monthly income and she will not look cheap with all the social media posts she does online. She added that maybe Joy Anne’s diploma was already damaged because she didn’t even had a chance to use it for her job.

Joy Anne didn’t let it pass and answered back to her saying that she could have just unfriend, unfollow, or block her online for her not to see her posts anymore. She told her friend that she was really grateful to have such job as she was able to do a lot more things and she also manages her time very well.

Many netizens were surprised with Joy Anne’s revelation that her friend who called her cheap was still in-debt of her since 2018 but she didn’t want to ask for her payment anymore and just forget about it since then. But it was just recently when Joy Anne remembered it because of her friend’s unpleasant attitude towards her.
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