Well Known Pinoy Actor Stars in Korean and Japanese Film

Isang aktor ngayon ang gumagawa ng pangalan di lang sa Pilipinas maging sa ibang bansa tulda ng Japan at Korea.

Ramon Veroy Confiado, popularly known as Mon Confiado, is a 52-year-old Filipino character actor and son of late veteran actor Ángel Confiado. He is known as one of the most versatile actors in the show business industry. His amazing portrayal and professionalism when it comes to his craft made him one of the most in-demand and popular “kontrabida” of all time.

He has done a number of films including internationally-awarded Filipino films Heneral Luna, Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral, Signal Rock, and Ma’Rosa, where he was able to showcase his magnificent talent skills in whichever characters will be given to him. No wonder that even in the international scene, he is also establishing his own name and making every single Filipino proud of him. As a matter of fact, he will star in two international films. One is the Korean Action-Adventure Film entitled “The Golden Holiday” while the other one is the Japanese film “DITO” (Koko).

The award-winning actor shared on his social media last March 23, 2020, how honored and privilege he was to work with some of the most famous Korean and Japanese actors today. He had the chance to work with South Korean Actors like Kwak Do-won of "The Wailing” and “Steel Rain”, Kim Sang-ho of “Kingdom” and “Doctor Stranger”, Kim Hee-won of “The Man from Nowhere”.

Mon also shared the synopsis of the upcoming film. On March 26, he also announced on his social media account that he will be doing another international movie with Japanese actress Momoko Tanabe for “DITO” (Koko). On the 27th day of March, he also posted some of his photos from several episodes on National Geographic’s .

Just like Mon, there are still some other Filipino actors who are making names internationally just like Alessandra de Rossi from the award-winning film “Watch List” directed by American-Indian Ben Rekhi and Mara Lopez who had won her first international award as Best Supporting Actress in a foreign language film at the 2020 North Europe International Film Festival (IFF) held in London.

It was such of great pride and honor not just for the country but for each and every one of us to have such an amazing actor who also gets a chance to showcase his talent to the international film industry.
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