Beauty Queen Nagtinda Ng "Siakoy" Para Makatulong Sa Kanyang Pamilya

Trending ngayon sa Social Media ang isang sinulog beauty queen mtapos mag viral ang mga letrato nya na kung saan nag titindi sya ng kakanin para makatulong sa kanyang pamilya. Kilalanin natin ang napaka gandang si Monika Afable.

When we talk about beauty queens’ characteristics, we oftentimes describe them as witty, gorgeous, and beautiful. But aside from these admirable traits, they should also have a good heart. They should be able to inspire a lot of people especially the young generation today. No wonder that this young beauty queen immediately went viral online after her photos selling “Siakoy” .

She is no other than the Sinulog Queen Monika Afable. We may be experiencing a very difficult situation right now but this admirable  lady decided to help her family and sell some “Siakoy” in their place. Siakoy is a traditional Filipino deep-fried twisted doughnut traditionally made with flour, sugar, salt, and yeast. It is then sprinkled with white sugar.

The Facebook page Pageanthology-101 Philippines shared her viral photos online. True enough that she is not just a beautiful  woman of her generation but she also proved that she is a humble and a practical beauty queen. Despite the recognition and the title she already have, she still know her priorities. Those titles never become a hindrance for her to help her family especially during this time.

Monika was only a Grade 10 student when she won the Sinulog Festival Queen 2020. She was also the Miss Mega Sardines, Miss Tender Juicy, Miss McDo Queen, and Miss Robinsons Galleria. Would you believe that 3 days before she was crowned as the Sinulog Queen she also took home the “Best Runway” award?

A lot of netizens could not help but admire her more for being such a great inspiration to other people especially to those who are also aspiring to become a beauty queen someday just like her. Other women may find it very difficult to sell something to other people or to do other decent jobs just to earn some money for their families but Monika just opened our eyes and showed us the reality about. True enough that you can still do a lot of things despite all the success  you already have.

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