John Regala Isiniwalat Na May Taning Na Ang Kanyang Buhay

Sa isang panayam kay John Regala, inamin ng beteranong aktor na sinabihan na daw sya ng doctor  nya na may taning na di umano ang kanyang buhay. Pero kahit mahirap man ang kalagayan nya, Nagpasalamat pa rin Si John Regala sa Diyos at sa mga taong tumutulong sa kanya.

In the past few days, John Regala’s current situation touches the hearts of many netizens. Many Filipino people felt sad  towards the veteran and award-winning actor who tend to be very strong and famous during his prime years. Unfortunately, his situation right now is very difficult.

Good thing that there was a concerned netizen who also happened to be a delivery guy who posted his plight online. His name is Carlo Marti Clariza. According to his viral post, John sought help from him that day as he really felt dizzy and couldn’t really stand or move by himself. The former action star revealed that he was not able to eat properly for 13 days already. He needed to ask help from a private nurse to put dextrose on him but unfortunately, he was not able to arrive at his destination.

It was such a blessing in disguise that John’s photos immediately went viral online. After a few days, Raffy immediately contacted the actor to ask about his condition and he also pledged for P100,000 monetary help that he will give to John. The generous host also promised the former actor that he will also help him with his other medical expenses and some groceries that the avtor will need in the future.

As Raffy’s team went to John’s place, they interviewed him asked about his current situation. The former actor revealed that his wife  left him because he doesn’t have money anymore. He also revealed that he have a biological son in America but his son didn’t know him personally. According to the former actor, he really wanted to see his son for the very last time before he finally closes his eyes and takes his eternal rest
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