Nagiisang Anak Na Babae Ni Ai Ai Artistahin Sa Ganda at Talent

Ang bilis lang talaga ng panahon, parang dati ay napaka liit pa ng anak ni Ai Ai Delas Alas, ngayon dalaga na si Sophe at trending ngayon sa social media dahil sa taglay nyang kagandahan.

It is normal to see families who seem to get involved in the showbiz industry, more evidently in the local industry. Like the Padilla, Gutierrez, Legaspi, Eiganman, Barretto and a lot more. Maybe because their lives were already exposed with the public since their parents worked in front of the cameras.

Or on some instances, fans or the audience already put expectations on celebrities daughter or son that they will follow the career of their parents. Some may start with endorsements, that eventually they would become big stars when given a break.

But there were some who would opt for a more private life, or got tired with the cameras and media following their parents. Though there are some who looked up to their parents that they see themselves like them acting and performing for an audience.

Just like the only daughter of the Filipina comedienne, Ai ai de las Alas. Sophia de las Alas is already 24 years, studying Early CH Education at De La Salle University. She grew up in the States where she lived with her father, Miguel Vera, but decided to take her college degree here in the Philippines.
Though her mother is famous for her humor and acting stints, Sophia on the other hand, is a versatile performer as well, she can sing, dance and act, and is very charming in front of the camera. In fact, last year, she already appeared on her mother’s movies, in “Feelennial” of Rechie Del Carmen and Dado Lumibao’s “Sons of Nanay Sabel”. And this is a good jumpstart for Sophia’s showbiz career.
Just like how Ai ai de las Alas has portrayed herself as a very supportive mother, she is also as supportive to her daughter’s chosen career and romantic relationship. It might have been very hard to allow an only daughter to a relationship, Ai ai and her sons, though otherwise.

 Sophia has a non-showbiz boyfriend, Vince Bautista who came from Butuan, which her mother and brothers approved.Have you checked Sophia’s Instagram account yet? Better check on her to get to know another aspiring star!

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