Stephen Robles Ikinuwento Ang TUNAY na Dahilan Bakit Sya Nawala sa It's Showtime

Ikinuwento ni Stephen Robles sa kanyang Youtube Vlog and tunay na dahilan kung bakit sya nawala sa It's Showtime kahit na sikat na sikat sya nung mga panahon na iyon.

It will be very unusual for a sudden rising celebrity to become suddenly off cam, where the followers and audience have already adjusted to their daily routine of seeing the celebrity on their favorite noon time show, making them laugh with their jokes and exchange of pick up lines. But what could be the possible reason behind this sudden absence or termination.

You may have definitely heard of Stephen Robles, who was one of the regular dancers of the noon time show “It’s Showtime” hosted by Vice Ganda, Teddy, Jugs, Jong Hilario, Vhong Navarro, Karylle, Ryan Bang and Anne Curtis. Stephen was given a spotlight on the show alongside with two other dancers, Sanrio and Ate Girl Jackie.

The viewers’ interest was caught when Vice Ganda gave some intrigue that though Stephen looked like a very beautiful female, Vice on the other hand hints that Stephen was maybe gay, which made the viewers become more curious.

But this sudden spotlight seems to fade when Stephen often committed mistakes while the show was on live, and her tardiness seem to be intolerable that Vice Ganda would often call Stephen’s attention about this behavior, which eventually led to Stephen’s permanent absence from the show.

Just recently, Stephen finally revealed the reason why she is not on the show anymore. She shared that it was because of the recent tragedy that happened to their family when they lost their brother to lung problem. She was greatly affected emotionally that her performance on her work got affected.

She shared that her brother was her constant companion who would drive her to work, and but when his brother started his medication, it stopped him from driving her, where it cost her to commute from Las Pinas to Quezon City which we all know would take a lot of time to travel plus the traffic.

She felt so much depressed that she lost all motivation and focus to work. But through her vlogging she is finding new inspiration to work and explore other things as they try to cope with what happened to their family.
Stephen Robles Ikinuwento Ang TUNAY na Dahilan Bakit Sya Nawala sa It's Showtime Stephen Robles Ikinuwento Ang TUNAY na Dahilan Bakit Sya Nawala sa It's Showtime Reviewed by Boom on 1:57 AM Rating: 5

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