Huling Hamon Ni Lloyd Cadena Kay Ivana Bago Mamaalam

We have witnessed how it is possible for Filipino YouTube Vloggers to extend help to their fellow vloggers and influencers. We still have remaining months to end the year of 2020 to endure, and the sad news is already too much that add more pain to us but Filipinos always find ways to smile despite adversities, and we believe as resilient as we are, we can get through this.

On Ivana Alawi’s next vlog, she pays tribute to Lloyd by accepting his challenge. It can be remembered that Ivana earned a lot of views when she posted her vlog washing her car, being so sexy and charming. But Lloyd thought of a level up for this challenge, which is to wash a bus.
Feeling that she needs to take Lloyd’s challenge, she looked for a bus company which can accommodate her, that can provide a privacy also to observe quarantine measures. Before she started her task, she made a statement that she does not ask for a thumbs up or a subscription from the viewers but instead, she encourage the viewers not to skip any advertisements because all the proceeds will be given to Lloyd’s family.

In her white top and skimpy shorts, Ivana started to wash the bus, manually. And we will know how great the labor this could be. That it is no joke to wash a bus all by yourself, she mentioned that she does not have any assistant, Mona, because her sister is still young.

Though Ivana is still sad of but she is powered up with a purpose and will to finish this challenge, though she admitted that this is really a very difficult task to accomplish, yet she is determined to finish. When she was halfway through, she also washed herself because she already feels so hot. And Ivana’s sexiness showed. As she finished the task, she felt accomplished!

But we all know that this video is more than showing off her, but it is more of showing how much she can help Lloyd’s family. This bus wash video already earned almost 2 million views as of this writing, and the viewers can not help but express their thanks and appreciation of what Ivana have done.
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