Lalaking Nanalo Sa Lotto , Nagsuot Ng Maskara Para Hindi Mahingian Ng Balato

At present, money is a necessity for survival, most importantly it will help us to buy our immediate needs, and if one is blessed with a lot of money, they will be privileged with luxury. That is why a lot of us would dream of winning the lottery one day.

One would risk to bet their money on lottery in hopes that they might be the winner one day and be able to pay their debt, buy their dream house or car, or provide for their family. But if you would win the lottery what will you do first?

Typical of a Filipino attitude, we would treat family members or relatives part of the winnings, or extend this generosity to the neighborhood as well. Whether it be on cash or in kind. But on some occasions, there would be people who would take advantage of  this generosity, and some may result to envy that things may turn in a very unwanted way.

But what this l winner from Jamaica thought of a very clever way to put his earning this fortune a secret. He won 158.4 Million Jamaican dollars or 53,030,907 pesos, which is really a huge amount of money. He would always check daily the winning numbers, then eat first later on check his numbers. Upon knowing that he finally won the numbers, since he does not want his family members to know about this, he went straight to the comfort room, and rejoice silently.

Since he was afraid that his family might harass him if they will learn that he was able to win this amount, he decided to patiently wait for almost 54 days before going to claim his prize. And what makes this encounter hilarious was he thought of a genuine way to hide his identity by wearing a “Scream” costume.

Even during the photo opportunity, he is still wearing this hilarious costume, and just wrote on the check the name A. Campbell. He mentioned that he wants to get a nice house, and he is now ready and able to find that house that he want. And he is very proud that he does not have any debts, and all this money is all to him. He looked forward to making his little business bigger and buy an apartment as well.What do you think of this act?
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