Lie Reposposa, Ginulat Ang Mga Netizens Sa Kanyang Transformation

Our teenage years is a make or break stage of a person’s life where it is a transition from the adolescence to adulthood. And at this stage a lot of physical transformation is already happening and it is about time one will gain confidence to what he or she has or get embarrassed. There are a lot of options we can choose from like follow a skin regimen, go to the gym to tone some muscles, have a facial treatment, start wearing make up or upgrade your closet and a lot more to name.

Maybe former Pinoy Big Brother, Angelie Reposposa or Lie chose from what was mentioned above to achieve this transformation that caught the attention of the netizens. It can be remembered that Lie joined in one of the segments of It’s Showtime, Tawag ng Tanghalan, where she was interviewed by Vice Ganda, and when she mentioned that she wants to enter Kuya’s house, the host supported her that gave Lie the opportunity to become one of the housemates.

Lie as a fifteen year old girl is very quirky and innocent, noting that she came from the province. She later on showed more of her true self when she officially joined Kuya’s house, how she become so excited to meet Kuya in person which will never happen, and how she feels so delighted the moment she was able to talk to him. She does not mind to laugh out loud and to freely express herself not even conscious on how silly she look on camera.

It can be recalled as well how simple Lie dress, and a typical provincial girl with a tan complexion. But after Pinoy Big Brother, it opened different opportunities to Lie which she is very vocal on how grateful she had become. It gave her the chance to groom herself and puberty hits her hard.
This surprised the netizens on how Lie has transformed. Her complexion has evidently improved, and the way she dresses as well, from an innocent provincial girl to a very sophisticated lady. She also lost some weight which the netizens took notice.

Have you checked her photos yet? You think this transformation suited her well? Let us know!
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