Lyca Gairanod Naging Emosyonal Matapos Balikan Ang Kanyang Lumang Bahay

House tour ni Lyca Gairanod sa luma nilang bahay naging emosyonal. Sa kanyang Youtube channel pinakita ng The Voice KIDS champion kung gaano kahirap at gaano din kasimple ang buhay nila noon.

Often, we can encounter house tours of celebrities featuring their latest acquisition and designer or branded furniture and appreciate its interior. But Lyca Gairanod made a different house tour which can make you get emotional as she took a trip down memory lane as she toured her followers on her previous home.

Who would not the first ever grand winner of “The Voice KIDS” in 2014 Lyca Gairanod who captured Sarah Geronimo’s interest when she heard her sing Aegis’ “Halik” on her blind audition. Which later on helped her get the title of the contest.

Her life was featured on the show, “Maalaala Mo Kaya” (MMK) showing the life of Lyca before The Voice Kids. She grew up from a poor family in Tanza, Cavite, where her father was fisherman and her mother scavenges recyclable bottles and newspapers that will be exchanged for money. And at her young age of 9 years old, she already learned how to help her parents by singing to neighbors for money or some food.

From being a singer and an actress, Lyca started her own YouTube Channel, and as for her latest vlog, she featured her previous home which stands almost beside the sea and when the tide is high or there is a strong typhoon, the waters would reach their house’ surface.

She recalled different memories she had in the house, and often exclaimed that it has lots of holes and dilapidated, but because of that big opportunity of winning in the singing contest, the house had undergone a repair which is now being housed by her grandmother.

She mentioned that she invited her grandmother to live with them in her new home but her grandmother refused because the house is very close to her heart, and she also expressed how grateful she was to Lyca for providing and helping her despite living on another house.

Lyca recalled how hard life had been on her and her family, and how grateful she was on the opportunities that she received. But one thing is certain, she will never let go her previous house, and as long as it stands on the ground, she will try to keep it.

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