Non Showbiz Sister ni Lovi Poe, Inuulan Ng Papuri Sa Social Media

Truly, beauty runs in the blood, thanks to the genes of the parents, it is passed on to their children. Take for example, the Kapuso artist Lovi Poe. Lovi Poe was first acknowledged as the daughter of the late Fernando Poe Jr., to Rowena Moran.

But Lovi was able to make her own name because of her dashing looks and passion to her craft which is acting. But aside from being a gem in the entertainment industry, she is also a gem to her younger sister to her mother. Lovi and Mariel Tung established a good relationship together.

Currently, Mariel or Yela’s photos already earn so much appreciation from the netizens. She was first spotted on the different photos shared by Lovi online, and netizens cannot help but admire Yela’s, because she looks as pretty as her older sister.

With this good face also comes a well-toned body, and some were surprised that this lady is already a mother to her child, Frankie. She was able to maintain her body, and she exudes confidence posing in front of the camera that she uploads it on her social media account that gave opportunity to netizens to see and admire.

Yela is based in San Francisco, California, where she works as an assistant pastry chef. Her passion is baking and the arts. See, it is not only good looks that these sisters share, but also both are very passionate with the arts.

And what we can appreciate about the relationship of the two is that, despite being on the opposite sides of the globe, they still find time to meet and catch up, and you will see how happy they are with the photos they upload on their respective social media accounts.

Some would wish that Yela is meant to be on cam as well with her good looks, or she can definitely become a model perhaps. Anyone can dream right? She would be a perfect subject for the camera.
Have you seen her photos yet? Better check it out! And let us know what you think!
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