Pangako Ni Sharon Cuneta Sa Mga Naiwan Ni Lloyd Cadena

It has been a month since the news shocked the netizens and the whole social media community about what happened to Lloyd Cadena. According to his family’s statement it was because of a heart attack because of COVID – 19. And it was indeed a tragic loss not only to his family but to his millions of followers as well.

A lot of people loved him for his funny character and a very genuine person who would always love to help people and spread love to those people who watch him. That even the Megastar Ms. Sharon Cuneta came to love him, and even considered him as one of her "anak". Imagine, that we could have thought that Lloyd’s content would only reach the masses, but being noticed by a rich celebrity is another thing.
Ms. Sharon Cuneta also expressed her sadness on this tragic news and posted on her social media account, “Sa mga taong nagmulat sa aking mata sa kasiyahan sa gitna ng kahirapan at iba pang struggles sa buhay… all of you and Lloyd humbled me more and inspired me, and you will continue to. Salamat, BNT. Mahal ko kayo.”

She expressed her appreciation to Lloyd and BNT because they showed her how to find reason to be happy despite the current struggles we are experiencing. And in the eyes of a rich celebrity, what Lloyd’s group is showing is truly humbling for the actress.

“Nawala man si Kuya Lloyd niyo, nandto pa ako para gabayan kayong lahat. Mahal ko kayo.Huwag na huwag nyo kalimutan ang mga turo ng Kuya Lloyd niyo sa inyo para mapabuti at umasenso lahat ang ga buhay niyo. God bless all of you. Pakialagaan si Mother Kween mga anak. Mahigpit na yakap to her from me, at sa inyong lahat.”

Sharon promised here that she would try her best to guide the BNT, and reminded them not to forget the efforts of Lloyd to make their life more comfortable, and she asked them to take care of Lloyd’s mother. And she even addressed the group as her "anak".

Even Sharon’s daughter Kakie supported her mother’s statement of how Lloyd’s content is very touching, and vouches her mother and Lloyd’s friendship.
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