PBB Star Na Si Yamyam Gucong, Ibinahagi Ang Buhay Nya Ngayon Sa Probinsya

A lot of us would expect someone who already earned fame and money would want to live a more comfortable life turning their backs on the poor life that gave them memories of hardships and hunger. But of course, people would always say that you should never forget to look back on your roots, because it mold you to become what you are at present.

The Pinoy Big Brother winner of the PBB Otso, Yamyam Gucong came from a poor family in the Visayan Province. He was not able to finish his studies because he prioritized helping his parents on the farm to provide food on their plates.

But one thing that made the viewers interested to Yamyam was because of his jolly and positive attitude, and his willingness to learn and determination to finish his studies, where he pursues to review while inside the house of Kuya.
Things also got interesting when Yamyam tried his best to interact and communicate with a fellow housemate who is a Japanese, Fumiya. Being a foreigner, Fumiya only knows Japanese and English and a little Tagalog, that is why whenever the two talk, it will always bring laughter to the audience. But eventually the two were able to create a strong bond that they regard each other as spiritual brothers.

Because of the recent shut down of the Kapamilya network, opportunities for Yamyam seem to get limited, though he have acquired his winnings from Pinoy Big Brother, he started his own YouTube channel where he can upload his vlogs that may update his fans and followers about him.

And just recently, he uploaded a vlog about how his life was in the province and since it is harvest season of corns and nuts, he provided a video on how to do it while wearing the right clothes for harvest. He did not change much, he is the same Yamyam we know from the Big Brother House. Despite the good life that was provided by this opportunity, his parents chose to live as farmers because this has been their job ever since, and they do not want to be a burden to Yamyam.
PBB Star Na Si Yamyam Gucong, Ibinahagi Ang Buhay Nya Ngayon Sa Probinsya PBB Star Na Si Yamyam Gucong, Ibinahagi Ang Buhay Nya Ngayon Sa Probinsya Reviewed by Boom on 1:29 AM Rating: 5

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