Pinay Netizen, Napahanga Sa Lalaking Nakasabay Nya Sa Jeep " Gentleman"

There would always be numerous posts online where netizens would share their views online about being harassed in a public place, or sometimes in a public vehicle. Or instances that when a woman was not offered a seat in the train, and people would comment that “Chivalry is gone”
But above all these negative posts, there will always be hope to see that there are still men who is very respectful and can still be a gentleman.A Facebook user named Clouie Basinang shared her own experience online proving that there are still good men out there.
She shared that as she was sitting inside the jeepney, the man who sat across her suddenly offered his uniform to cover Clouie’s legs.

"Share ko lang. Kanina habang nasa jeep may umupong lalake sa harapan ko. He offered me his uniform patong ko daw."

She mentioned that she was surprised because she was confident that her dress is not scandalous, and she was not showing too much skin even when standing the fabric’s length is still fine.

"Naka dress ako pero hindi naman ganun kaiksi above the knee pag naka tayo."

She rejected the man’s gesture, and mentioned that she will sit diagonal from him, but the man insisted to accept the clothes. And this gave realization to Clouie that it is the call for the men on how they would think and process whatever they see. And if judged, Clouie already explained that she is wearing shorts beneath her dress, that is why she feels safe.

“At first tumanggi ako at nag sorry sabi ko tatabingi nalang ako ng upo but he insist na kunin ko yung damit. Dito pumasok sa isip ko na no matter how u dress as a girl nasa lalake padin talaga kung pano sila mag isip. Luckily gentleman si kuya. Again hindi po kaiksian yung dress ko at may short ako sa loob."

Maybe on the part of the man, it is also to avoid any circumstance that may put him to a scandal, or he is a very conservative man that he feels uncomfortable seeing a woman dress like Clouie, we can never tell. But one thing is certain. Chivalry is not dead.
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