Aaron Villaflor Proud Bf Sa Kanyang Non Showbiz Girlfriend

Actor Villaflor reveals on her social media account his current non-showbiz girlfriend. "Happy in love" is the current status of the actor's lovelife. Handsome, charming, and hot, Aaron is relatively successful in his career in show business. Although many dispels that if a man is handsome, most likely he plays around with girls. However in the case of Aaron, he mentions that he never toyed around girls and was very loyal and in love with them.

In fact, one of the ex-lovers of the hunk actor is Jane De Leon. Reportedly, Jane was supposed to portray the modern-day version of Darna, a Filipina superhero who was once portrayed by premiered actress Vilma Santos. The film franchise was a total success and blockbuster.

Aaron mentions that Jane was one of the women he shed tears with. When asked why the couple broke up, he reveals that the main reason for the split is the lack of time for each other due to their busy work schedule.

For almost 2 years after the break up, Aaron now reveals his current love with non-showbiz personality, Camille Buenaventura, a former Ms. Chinatown.

Along with Jane, many actresses were also linked with Aaron. Actresses like Dawn Chang, Yen Santos and even Barbie Imperial were the string of girls he used to date or take a liking of. He also said that he fancied a lot of  girls outside showbiz too, and dated a number of them also.

He admits though that even if there are girls linked to him, most of them never really dated him. Aaron said he is happy to what Jane had achieved for her career in showbiz, and for his part, he is now happier with her current status in lovelife. He had more time and exerted more effort in keeping their life private. He shares on one of his social media posts, "No words can express how happy I am right now!"

Now that he is 29, he shares that he finally sees his future, and at the age of 35, he wanted to settle down and build a family so he can enjoy longer years to bond and be with them.

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