Carlos Agassi At ang Kanyang Non Showbiz GF Trending Ngayon Sa Social Media



Keeping a private life may seem difficult for most celebrities in showbiz, but some of them choose to get the public eye watching on their personal life outside the busy world of the industry. Not a lot of actors and actresses publicize their love-life especially if their partner is not acquainted to the show business as they want to get away from the controversy brought by their career in the limelight.

Hunk actor Carlos Agassi introduced her girlfriend which he endearingly calls “My girl”. Non-showbiz personality Sarina Yamamoto, was proudly introduced by her celebrity boyfriend just this September 27. Many have noticed the change in Carlos’ Instagram posts, mainly containing photos of the two together doing things they enjoy.

Many have noticed the change in Carlos’ mood recently too ever since he introduced his girlfriend to the public. Aside from her good looks, she also had a really gorgeous body that her boyfriend is really proud of. One of the most appealing photos they have in their social media accounts is where the couple are hugging each other while in the car. A lot of people points out how the actor is so much lively and so much happier in his current relationship with Sarina.

We might recall that Carlos went on a string of relationships with women in the industry, and one of them is the former PBB housemate Margo Midwinter. The two dated for a long time but ended shortly after two years which left Carlos terribly devastated. Apparently, the actor had proposed marriage to Margo, but unfortunately, the actress rejected his proposal due to the fact that their age gap and priorities in life. Carlos was then, 34 years old, while Margo was just 26. Margo stated that she was not ready to settle down just yet, so the couple split two years ago.

But that heartbreak opened doors for Carlos to fall in love again to Sarina, which it is evident in his eyes and in his face that he was so much happier where he is right now as he was two years ago.

Carlos Agassi used to be one of the former member of a boy group called “The Hunks” which he was joined with other hot actors like Jericho Rosales, Piolo Pascual, Diether Ocampo, and Bernard Palanca.

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