Cute na Cute Na si Serena Dalrymple Ito Na Pala Sya Ngayon

Many  stars back in the 80s and 90s were quite remarkable for most of us especially those who grew up watching them on TV and movies which made ultimately made their career at a very young age.

And one of them whom we cannot forget is Serena Darlymple.  Serena captured the hearts of Philippine film and TV industry for her unique charm, cuteness, and talent in acting. But unlike most  stars that started her age, Serena did not grow up in the film industry but instead, her disappearance from showbiz made lines and speculations about her whereabouts right now.

Born as Serena Gail Darlymple, in September 7, 1990, this Filipino-American  star is definitely one of the brightest in her time. However, unlike other stars, Serena decided to leave the limelight and pursue her studies outside showbiz at the age of 14. She then finished her studies at De La Salle College of St. Benilde, with a degree in Export Management.

Her career started when she appeared on a TV commercial of "Jollibee" and since then, Serena has been enjoying her time doing film projects and TV productions.

Undeniably, Serena became one of the most popular actress of her time.But despite the numerous projects offered to her, she continued her studies and flew off to the United States where she now currently resides.

On her Instagram account, she shares photos and glimpse of her life outside showbiz. She also shares a slice of her private life and her current boyfriend, whom Serena shares lovely and candid photos with him. Now that she is on the right age, Serena shows how she handled her life and how happy she is now even though she left the opportunity of being a veteran actress in the Philippine showbiz industry. photo source : Instagram

Serena is now a successful woman despite giving up the popularity and fame she had when she was young. Even though she is no longer part of the industry, it was very evident that she enjoys her life now in private and the fruits of her success.
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