Dismayado Ang Isang Netizens Matapos Makita Ang Biniling Teeth Cover Online


Online shopping has been a thing since the world was placed under quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, and a lot of netizens are all “victims” of these so-called “shopping obsession” by purchasing a lot of things from Amazon, Lazada, and even Shopee. Exercising “expectation vs. reality” should really be present whenever we purchase something online so we won’t be “scammed” by false advertisements of some sellers.

Contrary to the usual mall-shopping, online shopping has become a widespread addiction among most people who are staying online. Aside from the affordable prices, the convenience of having the item delivered right at your doorstep attracts many people to lean towards online shopping instead. But of course, the dangers of having the item arrive to you broken or mishandled is simply unavoidable, or worse, it could trick you with their false advertisement.

An example of an “expectation vs. reality” purchase was from a netizen named Michaela Mae Cortez. On her post on Facebook, she detailed how she was fooled by buying a fake teeth cover apparently as a way to have beautiful smile minus the expenses of having to go to a dentist. Her post went viral after a lot of netizens find her post really funny.

Michaela bought the teeth cover as a gift for her mom, but apparently, it was not what she simply expected!

Unlike the pictures of the product on the shopping site, what arrived to them was a cheap plastic teeth, obviously misfit for the gums of her mother! It was very far from what was advertised on their site. It looks cheap, fake, and simply very funny to look at! You cannot talk nor open your mouth with the teeth cover on. Most probably, it looks more like a boxer’s mouth guard than a teeth cover!

A lot of netizens left funny and amusing remarks to the comments section of the post. Some advised her to return the item to the seller, ask for a refund, and file a report for false advertisement.

Many are advised to exercise caution when purchasing items online. Do not just focus on the pictures provided by the seller. Better yet, check the reviews of the item and the description so as to avoid putting ourselves in funny yet disappointing situations.

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