Empress Shuck Nakatanggap ng Surpresa Sa Araw Ng Kaarawan ng Kanyang Anak


A wonderful 5th birthday was recently celebrated by the daughter of former c star and Kapamilya actress Empress Schuck which definitely wowed netizens and media alike. Her daughter, Athalia donned a Disney Dream birthday theme which features the popular Disney animated film franchise, Frozen.

Recently, the actress shared photos on her social media accounts along with partner, Vino Guingona, wherein their daughter celebrates her birthday dressed up as Queen Elsa, the main character from the aforementioned Disney animated film. Turns out Athalia did not know anything about the birthday party. Empress had told her daughter that there will be no party for her 5th birthday, that’s why it came to be a really huge surprise for her little princess.


Athalia, dressed in a beautiful icy blue gown as she stood on the stage setup with her Frozen theme, snowflakes and blue balloons greatly complemented the hues of pink and purple. The colorful birthday party setup in Elsa’s ice kingdom, surely painted a delightful smile on Athalia’s face. And of course, who wouldn’t be happy to see their child smile other than their parents.

Empress also shared her message for her daughter, along with a mother-and-daughter picture taken during Athalia’s birthday party:

“Happy birthday my baby girl Athalia!! I’m so happy that you appreciate this! I know I’ve been telling you no party, no decorations, no gifts, I’m sorry but I just really wanted to surprise you and your reactions are so priceless!”

Empress also thanked everyone who helped her setup the birthday party, and to everyone who made the surprise for her baby girl possible. From the stage and party decorations, to the catering crew, and most especially their sponsor @flourishhandfrills.

The surprise didn’t end with the stage setup, Empress made sure that her daughter would feel as if she was a Disney princess by letting her wear Elsa’s gown in the movie, since this was her daughter’s favorite character, which apparently was ordered by her mother from Shopee!

And because Athalia also misses playing in Kidzoona, a giant inflatable slide was provided for her by Calebisplaytafun.

But the surprises did not end there as apparently, Vino Guingona also proposed marriage for Empress during their daughter’s birthday party! It is indeed a surprise-filled day for the Kapamilya star and her family.

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