Kamusta Na Ba Si Dayanara Torres ? Ito Na Pala Sya Ngayon

Former beauty queen Dayanara Torres faces tough battle against cancer. The former Miss Universe, an actress from Puerto Rico, bagged home the title in 1993 and visited the Philippines to crown the next Miss Universe in 1994. Due to the warm acceptance of the Filipinos for her, and the mesmerizing culture of the Philippines, the beauty queen decided to reside in the Philippines for the next five years.

In a span of time, Dayanara was able to enter the showbiz industry doing a few projects in film and TV shows. She was then known to be one of the most premiered actresses in the country. Many opportunities were presented to her including TV series, sitcoms, and even product endorsements. She was also linked to and became real-life couples with Aga Muhlach for four years.

But recently, many were surprised when the actress-beauty queen was diagnosed with severe cancer. Apparently, Dayanara was experiencing a cancer in the skin called “Skin Cancer Melanoma”. The condition starts from a seemingly harmless mole which is usually on the exposed part of the skin. Melanoma happens when a tumor grows in melanocytes, a cell that produces pigment for the color of our skins.

She shared the news to her social media account. On her Instagram, she posted a photo of her along with the caption, “Today I have some sad news; I have been diagnosed with skin cancer “melanoma” from a big spot or mole I never paid attention to. Even though it was new, it has been growing for years and had uneven surface.”

Despite being divorced from her husband, former singer Marc Anthony Muniz, she had been blessed with two lovely children, Cristian Anthony and Ryan Anthony Muniz. The two had been her source of strength and courage fighting this tough battle.

She also gave an advice to her fans and friends in social media to take good care of their health. Have yourselves checked if there is something wrong with your body because you’ll never know.

She also stated that she had surrendered everything to God, and all her strength and courage ultimately falls on His hands.

Dayanara quotes, “I have put everything in God’s hands, and I know He has all control. My sons, although a bit scared, know about my faith and they know they have a warrior of a mommy.

And good news, after of almost a year of medications and treatments. Dayanara Torres is now cancer free.

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