Ganito Na Kaganda Si Badjao Girl Ngayon , Ang Laki Na Ng Pinagbago ni Rita Gaviola

 Who would have thought that a single, stolen photograph of you would be the key to achieve the success in life that you have always wanted for? But guess what, fairytales do come true! From rags to riches, “Badjao Girl” Rita Gaviola is an epitome of living that life of serendipity. Almost a decade ago, Rita Gaviola met her ‘fairy-godmother’ when a photograph of her was taken in a fiesta in Quezon Province. Apparently, that one photo changed her life forever when it was uploaded in social media and garnered numerous reactions and shares all around the country. Rita was just a poor girl on the streets that time, trying to earn a living by helping her family sell their items to the tourists. And now, she’s living the life of a fairytale after that one photograph of her made her who she is right now.

Her success continued on when she entered the PBB House as Big Brother’s housemate along with other teens of her age. But because she had always felt she was a cast-out in the crew, many of her housemates were annoyed at her for being such a drama queen. But in reality, Rita made it clear she felt she was not cut among the rest because she came from a very poor family.

And who would have thought that the Rita who were in rags before, is now able to build a house for her family from the shabby cottage to a grandiose modern mansion. Because of this they left their poor life before and moved on to the new house that was from the chance Rita got after trending in social media. And although we don’t see her much in TV shows or movies, Rita pretty much is ahead of her career in modelling. A lot were mesmerized by her natural beauty, so many brands would opt to choose her to be the face of their product. And through all these paid promotions and commercials, Rita is able to provide a comfortable life for her family than what they used to live like before, barely making ends meet due to poverty.


Rita also wanted to continue her studies and become a full-pledged teacher someday. But right now, her focus is more on providing a better life for her family as an investment for the future.

Ganito Na Kaganda Si Badjao Girl Ngayon , Ang Laki Na Ng Pinagbago ni Rita Gaviola Ganito Na Kaganda Si Badjao Girl Ngayon , Ang Laki Na Ng Pinagbago ni Rita Gaviola Reviewed by Boom on 8:43 PM Rating: 5


  1. Ang ganda ganda mo na Rita Sana pagpatuloy mo lang ang pangarp mo sa buhay at pray always to god.mag.ingat ka lage at ang pamilya mo...