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Many Filipina beauties are in the industry of show business, and in is undeniable that one of them is the actress, Lovi Poe. Lovi is under the management of GMA network and many of her fans surely is mesmerized with her beauty. But where did Lovi really get her natural Pinay beauty?

Back in 1957, the late premiered action star and Filipino celebrity, Fernando Poe Jr., also known as FPJ or “Da King” for his valuable contributions to the Filipino action film industry, had a whirlwind romance with former beauty queen Rowena Moran. FPJ and Rowena met each other when they starred in two movies together, “Isang Dakot na Bigas” (1957) and “Kapag Puno na Ang Salop” (1987). The beauty queen, Rowena Moran, captured the heart of Da King, and the two were blessed with a beautiful daughter, Lourdes Virginia “Lovi” Moran-Poe, in 1989. Many of their fans adored the beautiful baby girl, but the former couple didn’t really want their daughter to be part of the showbiz industry until when Lovi made her debut onscreen for the show Bakekang, starred by Sunshine Dizon.

Since then, many fans pointed out that Lovi won the genetic lottery by inheriting her parents’ good looks. FPJ was known as a film heartthrob, and a string of women in the show business were hooked up with the actor back in the prime of his career for his looks and his irresistible charisma. And for all we know, FPJ had children among his romantic pursuits until when he married Susan Roces before his untimely death.

Many also says that Lovi mostly got her good looks from her mother, Rowena Moran. As a former beauty queen, it is undeniable that she possesses piercing eyes and strong cheekbones which Lovi inherited from her. Some of her fans also says that she looks more like her mother than his father, FPJ. But her beautiful tan skin was most likely inherited from her father.

Lovi mentioned on one of her press interviews for the 11th Death Anniversary of FPJ, if he would still be alive, she is most likely not an actress or even doing film projects. She said that if his father was here, she would pursue her career in the medical field and become a Psychologist.
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