Nancy Mcdonie Merong Bestfriend Na Pinay , Katulad Nya Sobrang Ganda Din Nito

They said that birds with the same feather flock together. This is one reason why we should choose our friend very wisely.Because a friend plays a big role in our lives. They can influence our decisions, our habbits and even how we handle ourselves in good times and bad times

So, if you found a good friend, a friend that will always there for you when you need a company, a friend that will encourage you to be better, and a friend who always believes in you. Treasure them. Because nowadays, a true friend is rare to find.

Do you know Nancy Mcdonie of Momoland ? For those who dont know, Nancy is a Korean Pop icon. She is a member of a Korean girl group named Momoland. They are the one who popularized the song Bboom Bboom, Baam and Thumbs Up.

Among the members of Momoland, Nancy Mcdonie is the most popular in the Philippines. In fact, she was scheduled to star a romantic drama series teaming up with a Filipino actor named James Reid. Why do we Filipinos love Nancy that much? Well, aside from the fact that she resemble a lot to Liza Soberano, Filipinos saw something to Nancy Mcdonie’s personality. We sensed that the Kpop Icon sees Pinoy in a very special way. Nancy Mcdonie love Filipinos like her own family.

Why ? Maybe because of the influence to her by her Filipina best friend. Yes! You read it right. Nancy Mcdonie have this special friend in the Philippines. Nancy describe her as her best friend in the Philippines. Their friendship started 9 years ago when they first met in Korea. And until now, the bond of their friendship remains strong. In fact, When Momoland visited the Philippines, her bestfriend served as Nancy’s tourguide.

Nancy Mcdonie’s best friend is none other than the Kapamilya actress Charlie April Dizon. She was one of the actress in the movie Seven Sundays, She was also seen in Lizquen’s drama series BAGANI, playing the role as “MARIKIT”. Charlie Dizon is a young promising actress.

Nancy and Charlie missed each other, they promised to see each other again after the pandemic. They’re thinking weather they will meet in Korea or in the Philippines.


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