Ryan Bang Ipinakilala Ang Napaka Gandang Pinay Girlfriend


"Sana all" This is a popular term used by many Filipinos wishing the success, achievements or luck of others to also happen to everyone as well. In this article, there is a big chance that some of our readers will use this term when they read that Ryan Bang have a beautiful pinay girlfriend.

Yes you read it right, Ryan Bang, a popular Pinoy Big Brother housemate that turned into a host of a popular noon time show and a comedian. Finally, this is the first time Ryan Bang  introduced a pinay girlfriend since he joined PBB in 2010.

Most of the time, some people view Ryan Bang as the broken hearted one, the busted, or the friend zoned guy. Not this time. In one of the episode of It’s Showtime, Ryan Bang revealed that he is currently in a relationship with a non-showbiz pinay. And she is the reason to Ryan Bang’s happiness.

In the video of his latest song Abang Abang, Ryan Bang showed his fan and supporters how beautiful his pinay girlfriend is. According to some sources, her name is Kirstein Bautista. A Filipina model.  We cant find more info about her because Kirstein is a private type of person. Netizen noticed that Kirstein look like a Koreana. “grabe ang cute ng girlfriend ni kuys Ryan, Koreana ang datingan”  said one of the netizen. “Sana All” he added.

It is early to say where their relationship will take them. However, we wish the best for both Ryan Bang and Kirstein Bautista. Hoping that Ryan Bang finally found the right woman for him, And Kirstein will enjoy the company of a Ryan Bang.  Ryan Bang said that he love Kirstein so much. Now it is safe to say that Ryan Bang have a Pusong pinoy. If you like this article, please leave a comment down below. Share your thoughts about this topic. Thank You

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