Vlogger na si Alex Gonzaga, Kinumpirma Na Nagkaroon Sya ng Cov-19

 The pandemic of Covid-19 really exempts no one even if you belong to the upper class or lower class or society, even when you are rich or poor, young or senile, and even if you are famous or not. Many politicians, businessmen, and even celebrities contracted the disease, and that is to no exception for the family of Filipina TV host and actress, Alex Gonzaga.

On her vlog on YouTube, Alex announces to the world that she and her family were positive with the C19, and went on strict home quarantine for 15 days. Apparently, all the members of her household. Mommy Pinty and Daddy Bonoy, parents of both Toni and Alex Gonzaga, also contracted the disease. According to Alex, there was an outbreak of the C19 in their house, probably caused by food ordered outside. She also added that the first case in their household was actually her mother, which she stated was “very asymptomatic” and showed no signs  at all, until it spread to her, to her father, and including her boyfriend as well, Mikee Morada. Even the youngest member of their household was no exemption .

In her vlog, she revealed as well how she dealt having to put on strict quarantine measures at home for 14 days. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she narrates her worries and experiences of having C-19. She also tweeted how she frowned upon having important milestones of their lives were put to halt by contracting the virus. She expresses her disappointment, but most of all, she is more worried on what could happen later on with her and on her loved ones.

Alex Gonzaga continued on that after being put on quarantine for 15 days, the actress mentioned that they had themselves tested again for the virus, and to their relief, the results showed they are finally negative from the virus.

Alex now uses her voice and influence to support people with Covid-19 to not lose hope, and do not panic at all when they find out that they are positive. She advised to have themselves checked right away by a physician and always remain optimistic that if she survived the virus herself, she believes everyone surely can as well.

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