Ashley Makyut Banaag Hindi Natuwa Sa Kumakalat na Tiktok Parody ng Kanyang Kapatid

 When the controversy and clout finally reached its conclusion on the Raffy Tulfo in Action regarding the issue between Tekla and his wife, Michelle Bana-ag, the names became household staples on internet gossips and even conversations outside the social media world. Michelle Bana-ag, the apparent complainant who lost over the case against Tekla, became a laughingstock on social media and many netizens constantly make fun of her appearance, mannerisms, and even her social condition.

However, the case didn’t close down after the conclusion in the Tulfo series, and their names have been making rounds over social media long after their cases ended in the show. Michelle Bana-ag is a target for most jokes and memes online. Netizens were making fun of her through parodies in TikTok which easily went viral as almost everyone on the internet knows too well about the issue they presented on the show. Now, apparently, a viral video parody of Michelle circulates online and her sister, Ashley Makyuut, dips in and rages over people who make fun of her sister.

We can recall that Ashley accompanied and helped Michelle reach out to her case in Raffy Tulfo in Action, and was also seen in the earlier vlogs of Super Tekla. She also made news about herself when she addresses the issue of body-shaming done by the news anchor, Raffy Tulfo, towards her when he called her “fat sister” on air during his show.

A recent parody viral online right now wherein a netizen with the username @julyndaoberes posted a video in TikTok about the shenanigans of Michelle and her sister during the Tulfo series. The netizen, makes fun of Michelle and her whereabouts and reactions during the show which is both humorous and satirical towards her.

Ashley Makyuut did not find the video funny but rather offensive towards her sister. For them, the issue should have been long gone as it reached its resolution. However, netizens find the issue still hot and sizzling and their names became a usual joke-opener and punchlines by most people who tuned in to the drama they created online. For most people, this is just one of the humiliating consequences of airing your dirty laundry in social media. If things can be resolved within yourselves, keep the problem within yourselves so that people will not meddle with your personal businesses.

Ashley Makyut Banaag Hindi Natuwa Sa Kumakalat na Tiktok Parody ng Kanyang Kapatid Ashley Makyut Banaag Hindi Natuwa Sa Kumakalat na Tiktok Parody ng Kanyang Kapatid Reviewed by Boom on 5:11 AM Rating: 5

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