Bahay Ni Gardo Versoza SInalanta ng Bagyong Ulysses

Typhoon Ulysses made no exceptions on the wrath of his powerful winds and monsoon rains that showered on the entire Luzon region last week, and many were left homeless and in dire need of helping hands to lift themselves from their drastic situation. Many houses had been washed away due to the flood that devastated parts in Metro Manila, most especially Marikina and the parts of the province of Rizal such as Montalban. Rich or poor, no one was exempted when the wrath of the typhoon hit the Philippines this month.

Even celebrities like Gardo Versoza, who shared a picture of their house on their Instagram account where it was violently torn town by the destructive storm. The house was roofless, the second floor was ripped apart, the windows were shattered, debris were scattered all around the first floor and it was noticeable that the flooring was also apparently removed by the Typhoon Ulysses. It is also evident that the celebrity’s house was not spared by the flooding and the immense rains experienced by Manileños these past few days.

Gardo left only a disappointed and sad caption on his Instagram post: “Haaaayyyy…our house”, packed with emojis of prayer and covering of eyes.

But despite this, the actor remained positive and resilient that this too shall past. So dubbed as the TikTok king of the Philippines, Gardo and some of his acquaintances joined in to do a TikTok dance while doing the cleaning of the flooded area.

According to Gardo, it was his live-in partner that encouraged him to be devastated despite this another trial in their life. His “cupcake” as he endearingly calls his partner, tells him not to be grumpy but instead do TikTok videos that would encourage and emanate positivity despite these trying times. The actor firmly believes they can get back on their feet anytime soon and hopes that the entire Philippines will be able to recover to this yet another destructive typhoon that struck the country lately.

More prayers and grateful remarks were sent by his fans and followers on their social media platforms which the actor finds really grateful having a community as supportive as this. And to him, together we stand and we shall conquer all these trials in life.

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