Barbie Imperial Inamin Na Merong Aktor na Nagpaparamdam Sa Kanya


On her recent interview, former PBB housemate and sexy star Barbie Imperial admits that fellow actor Diego Loyzaga is trying to express his feelings towards her. News easily circulated online which started from the actor’s comment on Barbie’s photo on Instagram while on vacation on a resort.

Just this Monday, host Karla Estrada confronts the actress to spill the beans about what’s up between her and the actor, Diego Loyzaga. The host asked her if Diego was officially courting her, but Barbie immediately responded that it may not be directly stated, but she is seeing signs and signals being drawn all about her.



But despite that, the actress refuses to add more details to the beef, and told the actor that it would be better if they would stay friends. After all, they were really good friends outside the screen, and for her, it would be best if they remain that way.

However, Barbie also implied that they were really close to each other. And for a long time, a lot of their friends would tease them on dating each other but both of them said no back then. Since way back in 2018, Barbie recalls that they both have their own love lives and romantic pursuits. And each of them were facing struggles to maintain their personal romantic relationships. Being linked to actor, JM De Guzman, which Barbie apparently dated, the two also separated not too long and there were no news about the two seeing each other again.

Diego on the other hand also faced struggles in terms of romantic pursuits, as he was also linked to actress and love-team Sofia Andres. The two also reportedly split up, and the latter is now happily married and already has a child.

According to Barbie, the reason why she refused to date Diego given the circumstances is that she feels that she is not the right woman for Diego. As she quotes herself as someone who would definitely break his heart, and for her, Barbie stated that she wouldn’t want to put her closest friend on that kind of situation as she herself had witnessed how Diego struggled with his own issues and problems in life. Barbie also promoted her new show where she stars on, entitled “Bagong Umaga”.

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