Barbie Imperial Serye nina Anthony Leodones at Jamie Bautista Umabot Na Sa Tulfo

Hot topic right now are the photos of former PBB housemate and actress Barbie Imperial as she shares the intimate photos she had with famous vlogger Anthony Leodenes. Netizens can’t help but react to these spicy and romantic photos which many speculated that the two are secretly having an affair.

Anthony Leodenes is a famous YouTube vlogger and Facebook influencer. He and his girlfriend, Jamie, became an internet sensation when they shared vines, TikTok challenges, and quirky videos together which netizens simply loved about them. Their videos are very entertaining and it is easy to crack a laugh just by watching some of their videos.
However, recently, the couple encountered an intruder to their relationship as the celebrity-actress Barbie Imperial enters the scene to which Anthony had a huge crush on. The two started their online “fling” when screenshots of Barbie commenting on Anthony’s post about her circulated online and apparently, the two arranged for a meetup or a date with each other.

Now this would surely catch the attention of Jamie which would spark another war with her crazy antics towards her boyfriend Anthony. Now, the two, Anthony and Barbie shared photos online of what seemed to be their intimate meetup which includes a “kissing scene”!
Netizens reacted towards the photos and many are waiting for how Jamie would react to these posts.
Barbie shares the photo on her social media account with a caption: “First time to work with Anthony Leodenes. Grabe! Kissing scene kaagad!”
The photo, although it may seem edited and photo-manipulated, it stirred mixed reactions from netizens; both from the followers of Jamie, Anthony, and Barbie.
Many pointed out how Barbie should be considerate and respectful of Jamie’s feelings upon seeing these photos of her with Anthony.Some also said that this is another brewing of a world war between Jamie and Anthony.

Many also wished Anthony good luck as lord knows what is waiting for him soon as he gets home to their house with Jamie on the door. This would be another entertainingly crazy video episode between Jamie and Anthony for sure! What could happen next to this couple? Tell us what you think of this photos!

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