Donallyn Bartolome Napaiyak Matapos Isauli ng Kanyang Ex ANg Mga Gamit Nya

 The end of a long-term relationship is simply one of the most heartbreaking experiences you will ever have in your entire life. After the investment of love, time, and effort to the person, eventually all things would soon come to an end. The uncertainty of love is an ever-changing tide, and you’ll never know if right now, you are surfing the waves, or the next day, you’d be drowning on it.

YouTube vlogger, singer, and actress Donnalyn Bartolome shares on her YouTube channel the recent breakup of her and her boyfriend, who returns all of her things back to her. She cries as she sentimentally unboxes all the items and gifts they shared over the years. She also admits how the relationship encountered turbulences along the way, which she openly shares to her fans after the breakup. According to her, she kept the relationship away from the public eye as her boyfriend (now, her ex) doesn’t want to catch attention or any publicity from the media. So it was just revealed few days after Donnalyn uploaded the video to her channel. She sheds tears as she tear open one by one, and remembers the memories they shared together when they were still a couple. She uploaded a video about it on her channel which is probably her most emotional episode.

Donnalyn’s channel was adored by her fans for its light-heartedness, humor, and authentic vibes she radiates online. But recently, it was not the Donnalyn everyone was seeing behind the camera. It was simply her, being real to herself, and how the breakup leaves her completely devastated emotionally.

She also quotes on her vlog, which is a message she wants to say to her former boyfriend, that says:

“It’s my first time being open about my broken heart by unboxing things my ex returned to me on the day of the dead. A day for my [life] now seems lifeless heart.”

“To D’ex, though I hope you wait another 6 months before replacing me haha, I still wish you find the right one who can give you everything I can’t. I’m sorry what I could give wasn’t enough. “I’m sorry for not being enough or not being the right one for you. I tried even if it meant I would lose myself, because the happiness you brought into my life was such a blessing. I prayed about you every night, thanking Him for bringing you into my life.”

Donnalyn also states that no matter how hurtful things may seem now, she still believes that she gave the love he deserves and genuine love will still be there no matter if the person is no longer there for you anymore.

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