Famous Vlogger Couple na JaMill Nakaharap Ang Kanilang Kalook Alike

 How surreal would it feel if you meet someone who looks exactly just like you? Apart from being born with a twin sibling, there’s a hundred percent chance that somewhere around the world would share similar looks as you. And how would you feel if you see them in person? Feels weird, right?

On the recent vlog uploaded by the popular YouTube couple JaMill, Jayzam Manabat and Camille Trinidad, were intrigued with the viral video online of their apparent “doppelgangers” or “look-alikes” circulating in TikTok so they decided to actually meet them finally and entertain a small talk with this so-called TikTok JaMill. The couple also uploaded a reaction video earlier on their TikTok look-alikes and their reactions are mixed with feelings of oddness and intrigue.

So Jayzam decided to look for them on their social media accounts and sourced them on a messenger group chat so he can video call with them along with his girlfriend, Camille herself.

JaMill starts the video call on the two through Messenger and it was quite a surreal experience for both the YouTube stars and their viewers because they look exactly alike! As if the pairs are siblings or twins separated at birth! Jayzam and Camille also recalls that that is how they look like when they were just starting off in YouTube around 18 or 19 years old.

The Camille look-alike, Romeolyn, 17 years old, is a girl from Ilo-Ilo. On the other hand, Jayzam’s TikTok twin, Jan Kenneth, 18, is from Laguna. Two worlds apart from each other, Jayzam makes it call that after the pandemic, he would like to meet them personally and visit their provinces so he could vlog with them and probably arrange for the two on a blind-date and be real-life lovers like the JaMill couple.

What do you think of the uncanny resemblance of the two? Most viewers said that it was as if the two were complete Xerox copies of the YouTube couple and would always be mistaken to be them. Also, Jayzam makes a promise that he would personally go to them and visit them after everything else. He mentions in his vlog as well that it turns out that Camille is having a YouTube poser account, and encourages everyone to have it taken down. However, Romeolyn is not it! So what do you think of this tandem? Do you think they could be the next JaMill couple?

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