Kaisa Isang Pinoy Na Tumalo Kay Bruce Lee, Kilalanin Siya Dito

 Bruce Lee was a famous martial artist and Kung-Fu master in Hollywood and all of his movies are truly a blockbuster hit over the last decade. His career in Hollywood and in martial arts brought him so much prestige and earning him awards that are dedicated for his contribution to the film and martial arts field.

But did you know that there is a Filipino martial arts grandmaster who beat up the legendary Bruce Lee on a match? It is no other that Trovador R. Ramos, Sr. Trovador Ramos was a man in the Philippines who also gained prestige and numerous recognitions for his outstanding skills in martial arts and self-defense, earning master levels on mixed martial arts such as jiu-jitsu and Kung-Fu. Because of his skills, he had visited many countries starting from his hometown in Olongapo to neighboring countries like Singapore and Hong Kong where he worked as a martial arts trainer for presidential bodyguards. He was known for his martial arts style called TRACMA or Trovador Ramos Asian Consolidated Martial Arts where he was recognized even by the prestigious TIME magazine where they featured Trovador on the cover page.

It just so happens that during Trovador’s time in Singapore, Bruce Lee was also there looking for a sparring mate to challenge on a duel of martial arts. To put his skills to test, Trovador stepped into the sparring arena and accepted Bruce Lee’s challenge. It was also a surprise that Bruce Lee himself visited Trovador on his house for a sparring challenge.

Persuasive as he was, the legendary Bruce Lee returned to his house for days insisting the challenge. And as it goes, the sparring fight was finally pushed through in Golden Hills where the two legends braced on a fight that will later on be marked on the history of martial arts.

Bruce Lee used various techniques against the famous TRACMA of Trovador. According to him, Bruce Lee was a legend in speed and stamina, however, with the use of his TRACMA, instead of keeping up with the speed of Bruce Lee, he as if danced and jived into the beat as if doing tango during the sparring. And to everyone’s surprise, Trovador was declared winner of the sparring fight and was now later on to be the only Filipino man who defeated the legendary Bruce Lee.

However, Trovador humbled himself on choosing not to brag about the win against Bruce Lee. Later on, he was contacted by Bruce Lee to be his trainer and teach him the TRACMA technique.

He was also later on featured on one of Bruce Lee’s iconic films “The Rhythm Man and the Dragon” where he exhibited his TRACMA skills and techniques whom he learned from the only grandmaster in the Philippines in terms of martial arts.

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