Lalaking Bumili ng Pustiso Online Trending Matapos Niyang Sukatin Ito


A wide smile showing your pearly whites indeed brightens and completes the day of anyone who would definitely see it, even yourself! That is why many are getting encouraged to get a complete set of teeth, fix their crooked teeth with braces, and even go as far as getting implants just so that their mouth would not be “one-seat apart”. Some also go to extremes as to doing their own “DIY” braces which poses high risks to your dental health.

Philippines is known for being the “smile country”, and despite the lack of dental health orientation in the country, many still strive to have the perfect set of teeth.

That’s why many netizens right now are raving online-bought dental fixtures that would apparently fix their dental problems. While many dentists discourage the purchase of DIY braces, Filipinos would not be stopped with that and go add to their carts those Shopee-bought dentures which caused a great deal of laughter among viral posts right now.

Just like one netizen in Facebook, posted by the page Ala Eh Batagueño, the man bought cheap dentures from an online store in Shopee. And as advertised, it was indeed a one-size-fits-all dentures which hopefully, would fix the problem of his teeth. For 110 pesos (roughly around 2-3 dollars), he got himself a perfect set of upper teeth! How cool is that?

But here’s the catch!

When he received the package, it was indeed dentures as advertised. But when he tried and wore it, it made him look worse as the dentures appeared way too big for the size of his gums! Aside from that, the teeth protrude from his mouth and made him look like a horse about to take a bite on his burger.

Netizens cracked laughter on the comments section upon the pictures posted on the said Facebook page. The original person who posted the photos seemed happy with his purchase however. Just imagine, for 110 pesos you got yourself a perfect set of pearly whites? Talk about saving yourself from a trip to the dentist. Just be ready to look funny with those extra-large set of upper teeth hanging out and about on your mouth when you flash that smile. Just think about the phrase, “Flash that big smile!”

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