Lalaking Nadapa Kakahabol Sa Relief Goods Tapos Walang Naabutan Trending Sa Social Media

 Tough times for the Filipinos right now trying to recover from the aftermath of the super typhoon Ulysses that recently struck the country last week. The typhoon brought massive rain showers and strong howling winds that destroyed and flooded most infrastructures and houses in Luzon, leaving the region in a state of calamity. Although fellow Pinoys are now recovering from the floods, some people residing in the province of Cagayan is still struggling to rise up from this terrible situation. Many houses were washed away and left a great flood in the countryside which took lives and endangered most Filipinos living there. People of Cagayan are now calling for help and ration from the government, and charity organizations are being form to extend a helping hand for the province.

Viral now on Facebook was a video of man who apparently tried to chase after the distribution of relief goods. The man was covered in dirt and mud because apparently after chasing the distributor of relief goods, he stumbled down and tripped on the ground trying to get his hands on at least a ration of goods. But unfortunately, he was not able to secure anything and only waved his hand on the truck as it left the area. The man was later on identified as Lauriano Anung Pattaui, and he was chasing down for the relief goods so that he can provide it to his family in need. But when he arrived, there was nothing left for him to take home.

Netizens were touched by the video and kind-hearted civilians offered their help and donated relief goods and clothes for Tatay Lauriano’s family. Bigger things come in small packages for his family as he need not to chase down the relief goods as donations are supplied to him and his family. Charitable organizations delivered it right at their house in Cagayan after the video went viral on Facebook.
Posted by Apreil-Jhoiyze Juan Cabacungan-Bayucan on Sunday, November 15, 2020

People are in need of help during these trying times, and as a fellow Filipino, let us all help rise up together and recover from this tragic and dreadful situation the typhoon has brought upon us. Many families, rich or poor, were no exception in the flood. Even celebrities lost their possessions to the flood, and hopefully his served as a reminder to be more vigilant, prepared, and to take care of nature before everything is too late. Let us be more charitable and helpful so that together, the Philippines can recover from the aftermath of this calamity.

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