Lalaking Nagnakaw ng Diaper at Gatas sa Isang Grocery Store Usap Usapan Sa Social Media

 Desperate times call for desperate measures especially during this time of crisis due to the pandemic. People resort to ways unimaginable in order to survive and live their day-to-day struggles, which often leads to bad decisions committed by most that causes them to go against the laws of the country. While it is very sad to hear that some people will have to experience these hardships, it is simply unavoidable especially if the sake of your family is at stake. So sometimes, even wrong things had to be done for family.

Recently, reports of a man caught in Taguig for theft circulated online. Apparently, according to sources, the man stole diapers and milk on a local grocery store to be able to feed his children. Reports told by Southern Police District, the man shoplifted the items from the grocery store located in Bonifacio Global City. While the city is a progressive and modern one, it is really saddening to hear reports like this on a developed city in Metro Manila. The police told that the 37-year-old man went off the grocery store without paying in the cashier for the items he took.

The guard saw the man on the exit of the grocery store, and requested him the receipt as proof of purchase for the diapers and milk, but since the man could not present any, he was reported to the police and was arrested for shoplifting.

The 37-year-old man, whose identity was remained confidential, shoplifted items such as 1 large pack of diapers, 3 boxes of milk formula, a pack of hotdogs, 10 pieces of instant coffee, and a can of air freshener. The total amount of items he took from the grocery store summed up to 3,500 pesos.

He was immediately taken to the police station and was filed with theft for shoplifting. As of this moment, the man is being held and detained in Taguig Police Station.

This news raised awareness among netizens, commenting how deeply saddening the situation was for a man to steal daily necessities for his family, and having to pay the consequences of his actions. However, the end does not justify the means after all. Whether these people are commoners stealing from stores or grocery markets, to big names in the government stealing funds which are for the people, it is a very concerning issue of the country and how poverty has taken over the Philippines despite the tremendous efforts of the previous administrations to eradicate corruption, it is and will always remain there

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