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Another news and updates from the Michelle and Tekla controversy after they appeared on an episode in the Raffy Tulfo in Action show, where the latter complains the comedian-host, Tekla. But apparently, after losing the case over Tekla after Michelle refused to pursue the hair follicle test, she lost all legitimacy and financial support offered by Raffy Tulfo himself. But according to Michelle, she was more than willing to go on with the  test except her aunt advised her not to as she just gave birth, and there is a superstition of “binat” in Philippines, where it could cause complications to a mother who just gave birth.

However, Ashley Makyut, shared a video in her social media account which appears to be a man whom they call Kuya Rashid. Apparently, after withdrawing the financial help offered by the news anchor, Rashid was willing to extend a helping hand for Michelle Lhor Bana-ag, for being a fellow Filipino.

The video of Rashid shows how he wanted to offer support and financial help to Michelle so that he can help her with the funding of new dentures so that she can find a decent job and be able to provide sustenance to her family. Rashid offers help to Michelle because according to him, it’s the spirit of being a Filipino. Filipinos help each other who are in need, and Michelle is in need of help financially to start over. Rashid also believes in the goodness of Michelle and her driving force to be able to prove his stance over the Tulfo case. He also reassures that even though the show withdrew their plans on helping her, he said he is there to provide any help he can do.

Although many netizens are skeptical about the issue, as a lot of them sided up with Tekla. Although it was never proven in any court who is right or wrong, many netizens were left with a question if Michelle really deserved another chance for redemption.

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