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What a little bundle of joy indeed it is when a child is born to a happily-married couple like celebrities Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia. The celebrity couple became first-time mom and dad to their beautiful little angel, Amari Jaden Crawford, who immediately became the center of their lives and excitement in posting to their social media accounts.

We can recall that Coleen gave birth to their son last September, now this two-month-old adds more joy to their family which Billy was certainly very proud of. The couple often expresses their love and excitement in social media, and every little part of their life as parents are well-documented on their Instagram accounts.

Being a parent is never easy, and even the celebrity couple doesn’t deny that!

According to Billy, there are a lot of times that Coleen would always be dead-tired after a whole day and night of looking after their son. Even him also claims it is really hard to become parents, which also includes having sleepless nights to attend to the needs of their child.

But according to them, it is all nothing as all the tiredness they experience in the day are wiped out when they know that they are providing and nurturing their child to the best of their capabilities.

Billy Crawford is also known to be very supportive of his wife from her pregnancy, to childbirth through water-birth, and to taking care of the life they have brought into this world. And for him, he always expresses openly how he adores and admires the strength of his wife, Coleen. He even proudly posts a photo of Coleen breastfeeding their child, Amari. So with that, netizens know how proud of a dad and husband Billy is to his wife, Coleen, and their son.

Although there are some who loves to rain on their parade. One netizen commented on their Instagram post that the couple would eventually breakup in the future, and this is all just the hype of the moment. But instead of getting caught up with an internet fight, Billy calmly responds to the netizen and continued posting pictures of him, their child, and his wife, proudly enjoying their wonderful and happy family life.

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